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Catz Jazz Rescue is an all-volunteer 501(C)3 Non-Profit and No-Kill Texas-based companion cat rescue group in operation since 2003 thanks to the generosity of its community and volunteers. Catz Jazz was registered to save the lives of the unwanted, abandoned and abused felines that have been forgotten in a society that considers them inessential. We serve the Austin area with the mission to provide safety, shelter, veterinary care, medical rehabilitation and socialization to our rescues until good permanent homes and life-long companions can be found for them. Catz Jazz Rescue strives to be one of the best Austin area cat rescue operations building pawsitive futures for Austin's forgotten cats. Our adoption program and services, foster, resource and support network are funded through out-of-pocket and community contributions.
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As you can probably imagine, animal rescue is very overwhelming, difficult and involves countless hours of doing work that not a lot of people are up to doing. Our goal is to assist as many cats that are in hopeless situations as possible that the money will allow. Our success, for both short-term goals and long-term survival is dependant on the donations of generous people. You CAN really make a difference in the life of an abandoned or abused cat. EVERY DOLLAR IS CRUCIAL TO OUR WORK. So, if your heart tells you that what we do is valuable, we hope that you please consider making a donation.


Donate a Kuranda Cat Bed to Catz Jazz Rescue

Our rescued cats love to sleep on Kuranda cat beds because of their orthopedic comfort and we love them because they are stackable, but we don't have enough for everyone. If you would like to help make a difference in the life of an Austin rescue cat, please donate a Kuranda cat bed to Catz Jazz Rescue.

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How Catz Jazz Rescue Was Affected By The Bastrop County Wildfire Sept 15th, 2011

And A Letter From Our Director: Thank you to all who sent their prayers and positive energy toward us during this difficult time...

National Justice for Animals Week February 20-26, 2011

Sign the petition to Support an Animal Abuser Registry.

Catz Jazz Wish List Update

Just a reminder that we gratefully accept donations of much-needed items from our Catz Jazz Wish List.

Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week

September 19–25 2010

Please Help Catz Jazz Raise Funds for Feline Comfort & Recovery Buildings

Please help give abandoned cats a place to reside while waiting for their families to find them! We have no buildings and are at capacity! If you can donate materials or assist in providing professional services to help construct the buildings...

Sue Hains donates 10% of every pet portrait to Catz Jazz!

Get your photo realistic pet portrait and help Catz Jazz!

♥ Seal's Wheels A Success! ♥

Thanks to all who Helped Seal get her cart by donating to the Seal's Wheels project!

Pics from the 12th Annual Mighty Texas Dog Walk!

Catz Jazz staff and volunteers proudly participated in the Mighty Texas Dog Walk event that benefited Texas Hearing & Service Dogs!
April, 2010

Schnauzer Rescue

June 20th, 2009


With your help and donations we can continue to really make a difference in the lives of Austin's abused and abandoned cats.



Do you want to directly impact our work in saving lives by volunteering to provide temporary care and housing for previously abandoned and abused cats that need TLC while we process them for adoption? If this sounds right up your alley, please contact us to become part of the Catz Jazz Foster Network! We have urgent need for new fosters to start straight away, so don't waste time! We are having to turn away cats in need due to lack of fosters/space, so every foster parent counts! Please contact us if you can help!


About Catz Jazz

Feline Rescue, Refuge, Rehabiliation & Home Placement

Our mission is simple; the journey is never easy, but it's always worthwhile. CatzJazz exists to save lives. We advocate compassion towards felines. There is a neverending problem of unwanted or abused animals everywhere that there are people. We do a small part that takes a lot of effort but makes a big difference and we do it with the strong belief that felines are life-long companions. Our goal is to assist as many unfortunate cats as possible. This takes time, energy and money, but the results are beyond price.

We are grateful to not only have the opportunity to give unwanted and abused felines a second chance to have a real go at life, but we are able to show them that they are invaluable, and that not all humans are what they have known. In doing this work, we honour all the cats who have made a difference in our lives. We honour all who have sacrificed and given beyond their means in order to improve the quality of life to a forgotten feline. And we honour all those heroes who have made the choice to give forever homes to the cats that need them the most.

We are grateful to be able to stay afloat enough to do our work and are grateful for all of the other cat rescue groups that do this kind of work alongside us day in and day out. Through community support, it is possible to keep up the good work.



If you are here to possibly adopt, we are grateful that you have chosen us as one of your considerations. Our residents come primarily from public shelters where they had once been scheduled for euthanasia or from hopeless situations where abuse has taken place. When you adopt, you will in all capacity, have gained a friendship that could have been lost forever.

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★ BE A HERO! ★


We need your help! We have a limited amount of volunteers that do the best they can and do a great job at it, but we are hoping to expand our efforts and need more wonderful and dedicated volunteers who can donate their time and energy towards this important rescue operation.

We are looking to put together a special group of PASSIONATE, GOAL-ORIENTED people who want to make a difference in the lives of abandoned, abused and neglected animals and who have a special set of skills to enhance our rescue group’s ability to expand our efforts to drum up adoptions and raise funds for improvements by forging alliances within the community and generating exposure for Catz Jazz Rescue and so the spectrum of opportunities available ranges from local, commute and remote positions. Each position is vital to an organized and productive rescue effort.

By donating your time and energy, you will be enabling us to further reach our goals and directly helping save lives.

In our opinion, animal rescue work is one of the greatest forms of collaboration. There is no monetary profit from this effort; but the rewards are many ranging from the eye-opening process of rehabilitating abused and neglected animals and witnessing the positive impact made on previously discarded lives to the priceless satisfaction of feeling useful to these innocent beings that need people to stand up for them.

We have many volunteer opportunities available:

- Fostering
- Adoption Applicant Screener
- Record keeping & Data Entry
- Cubicle Cat TLC Team
- Promotion
- Video Editor
- Grant Writer
- Animal Welfare Article Writers
- Facebook Manager
- Cafepress Store Manager
- Event Venue Coordinator
- Donated Items Collection


We have an urgent need for fosters who can care for cats, particularly nursing or pregnant cats and longest stay residents. We also have urgent need for fundraising volunteers. If you would like to foster a rescue or collect items from our wishlist, or can fill one of the other volunteer positions mentioned and are interested in learning more details, or have another idea of how you can help, such as donating your professional services or assisting our team leaders, we would be grateful to hear from you.

To Foster, Please Contact Catz Jazz Director
Cathy Taylor at 512-636-8473 or send her an email at

To Volunteer or find out more information for any of the other capacities mentioned aboved please email
Sydney Colvin


"Owner Surrender" Policy (Surrendering your pet)


Catz Jazz operates as a limited intake, No-kill rescue with restricted funding and so we have a specific mission: Our main objective and rescue focus is to save animals from TRULY hopeless situations; the abandoned, abused/injured and neglected animals, the animals that would otherwise be euthanized from local county animal control and kill shelters and animals coming from cruelty cases released from law enforcement.

To fulfill that objective, our policy is that we absolutely WILL NOT accept “owner surrendered” without a donation, as this conflicts with our mission and because our primary foster homes are reserved for animals facing dire circumstances that are in imminent danger. (This policy does not include animals that were originally adopted from us which are ALWAYS accepted back.)

We absolutely hate having to turn cats in need away, but as a non-profit group with 100% of our mostly out-of-pocket funding going towards the rescue operation, we must be responsible towards the animals already in our care.

We do not have a facility to keep the cats so we are working with a small volunteer foster/home network. Because of the very limited space, the nature of our donation-based funding and only a handful of volunteer fosters, we hope you understand we are committed to finding homes for the cats already in our care and can only consider taking in animals where the surrenderer is willing to make a donation. Please read our admissions policy for more information.

We do not board cats.

Because of our work with special needs cats, we are often asked by time-limited shelters to take in cats with certain disabilities into our rescue. If you are with a time-limited shelter or other county operation please keep in mind that special needs animals will likely stay with us indefinitely and never find an adopter, leaving us as their primary caregivers, typically needing on-going medicine and more TLC than others. Please consider the level of this undertaking, how it will affect our main objective and the financial responsiblity this will impose before contacting us if you feel you have a special situation that requires our assistance. These cases CAN ONLY be considered based on health, vetting and transportation arrangements provided by you or your facility.

Please understand your local no-kill rescue groups cannot be a success without the community's help. Consider how you can assist your local no-kill rescue groups so that we can continue to be a service to the community.

Cats available for adoption

  • Malto is waiting for his forever home!

    more about malto

    This is Malto. Dsh, male, @ 7-8 months of age. This is by far one of the sweetest kittens ever! Can hear his purr from across the room and he is so gentle! When he puts his paw out to touch you, you would think it was a feather lighting upon your skin.

  • Dooley is kind of a big deal

    more about dooley

    Dooley is kind of a big deal (a legend in his own mind, if you will ) and a very laid back fellow who is *really* into his catnip! He is about 4-5 years of age. We are always happy to see his infectious, happy attitude about living each day to the fullest, or as he would say, "We are all just on a cosmic trip, dude."

  • Hitch

    more about hitch

    Hitch was aptly named so after his near 5 hour journey on top of the spare tire of a couple's van who was traveling from Hidalgo county to Austin some time ago. As you can see, Hitch is the biggest picture ham of all the black cats at Catz Jazz! He has had time to perfect his antics since he has been waiting for a home for so long!

  • Sundance

    more about sundance

    Meet the most regal Sundance! Sundance has a great presence with his beautiful orange and white medium-length hair and he is very friendly and interactive. He enjoys the company of other cats and would go great in a multi-cat household.

  • Sallie

    more about sallie

    This is Sallie who is Tortoiseshell cat. "Torties" have a reputation of having an attitude, or "tortitude". Torties are quite impish and curious, playful and entertaining, and VERY loving to humans. Sallie is a sweet gal though she MUST be the only cat in household as she will not tolerate other cats in her space.

  • Ricky

    more about ricky

    This is Ricky. He will want to sleep near to you and occasionally converse in quiet musings. Found him on the streets in Bryan and having hyperthyroidism, we needed to keep him for a time to manage that situation. He has had both thyroid glands removed and is doing very well.

  • Mimi

    more about mimi

    Please don't overlook Mimi just because she happens to not have any remarkable outward features. She is ohh-so-sweet! Black cats are very often overlooked when it comes to adoption and are euthanised in large numbers. If you do adopt Mimi, you will actually be saving two lives since it will clear up a spot for us to take in another cat in desperate need of help.

  • Joan Jett

    more about jj

    Joan Jett (JJ) was born with Radial Hypoplasia in one of her forelimbs, a condition in which the bone does not finish forming properly. She is not in any pain and though she may not be able climb as much as other cats, she is not extremely hindered by her disability. She is very sweet and a bit shy, but we are going to bring out her personality once she feels more secure in her new surroundings.

Catz Jazz Rescue has been online since Jan 2009